sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

SE*Designz & Vista Animation

[SE*Designz] Summer Night Outfit - Retro Flowers NEW!!!!!!
[SE*Designz] Summer Night Outfit - Hawaiin Petals NEW!!!!!!
[SE*Designz] Summer Night Outfit - Elegant Blossoms NEW!!!!!!

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Las poses de las fotos son del AO de  VISTA ANIMATION

She is a sweet, cute and shy at times; a normal girl that is not into teasing or warrior fighting. 

She is as she is, not trying to impress anyone.  In spite that though, this cute/shy girl attitude could also awaken some of the wildest fantasies in men (but that is not your fault!).

This is a huge AO with lots of new animations with smooth, simple and cute movements and the breathing effect.

Change your attitude nuance using LOAD button amd jump from CUTE to FORMAL, RELAX or to pure SHY.

Asembled on the VISTA HUD 3.x with Force Arms, Dances, Facial Expressions and more!
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