domingo, 23 de junio de 2013


Come and find the specially designed Marilyn dress as the main prize in the free *IW* SL10B Mini Hunt at Inga Wind Clothing  and land. 

The hunt goal is reached via a number of clues and hunt objects that together will point you to the main prize, but to keep up your interest each of the 9 intermediate hunt objects will also contain a free gift. Yes, that's a total of 10 free gifts for you, including the Marilyn dress itself that would normally retail at 300L alone.

Because I want to test your hunting prowess I haven't made it easy, but I hope that you will agree that the time spent will be worthwhile.

Follow the lm below to the info board at my store where you'll see further details of the intermediate hunt objects and the first clue.

See you there!
The Mini Hunt runs indefinitely from the 24th June 

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