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Animazoo Ladies Dancefloor

Gracias ToTo 

Animazoo animations - January 2012 - Dance HUD 

To use the dance HUD quadro, simply drag onto your avi and select a Sequence from the 'Load Sequence' menu.

The Female Dancefloor version contains copies of 35 of Animazoo's best selling dancefloor style dances, giving you a huge choice of styles so your moves match the vibe at any event, club or gig. This Quadro sells for L$5000.

The Stage Performer edition contains copies of 35 of Animazoo's best selling performer style female dances. With preconfigured sequences for Belly Dancing, Burlesque styles, contemporary stage performer and more. This Quadro also sells for L$5000.

The Animazoo dance HUD quadro is the latest in dance HUD technology. The HUD is both simple to use and powerfull:

1) Easy to use, intuitive and unobtrusive menu system
2) Edit Sequence menu allows easy drag and drop dance order changes
3) Edit Sequence menu enables you to enable and disable selected dances
4) Ability to create your own Sequences and load them into the HUD
5) Ability to invite dance partners
6) Full backup and support with web-based help pages and support ticket system

Also available is a free, Lite verison of the HUD, featuring the quadro's basic features. The Lite version is available for free, both in-world and on the Marketplace.

The Animazoo Dance HUD Quadro is the fourth generation of the Animazoo Dance HUD. The HUD has been in development for many years now, each new release incorporating customer feedback and suggestions.

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