domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

~CandyMetal~ Photo contest

~CandyMetal~ Contest:

1º award: 1500 L$

2º award: 600 L$

3º award 2 product of shop to choose


* Dollarbies & group gifts invalinds to contest

*products must be visible on the avatar image

*The ictures should be sent to Flickr :

*You agree that your image may be displayed at ~CandyMetal~ Store

*The image must be sized og 500 x 500

* the image is titled:  ~CandyMetal~ photo contest and avatar name, example --> ~CandyMetal~ photo contest Emychan Aichi

*Only the avatar posting the picture will be paid the prize. We will only pay one avatar, if you are splitting the prize that is your responsibility.

 *The contest ends 31 January 2012

* The awars will be published in flikr the day 3 February 2012


Pati Yedmore & Vania Pelazzi

~CandyMetal~ Landmark:

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